"Vegans, Can't You RESPECT MY CHOICE to Eat Meat!?!" // Arguments Against Veganism #3

“Vegans, Can’t You RESPECT MY CHOICE to Eat Meat!?!” // Arguments Against Veganism #3



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26 thoughts on ““Vegans, Can’t You RESPECT MY CHOICE to Eat Meat!?!” // Arguments Against Veganism #3

  1. JUMP TO THESE PARTS OF THE VIDEO (also, watch at 1.5x speed if you want to save time):
    0:38 disclaimer
    0:47 what if they were raised "humanely"?
    6:46 but where did you get your cellphone/laptop/camera from? what about sweatshops?
    11:35 veganism is a privilege
    14:50 "I respect you for being vegan so please respect me for being a meat-eater" (the personal choice argument)

  2. While i do not believe "it's my personal choice" is a good argument, it is still a personal choice regardless of the impact negative or otherwise to others. We all make our choices and we can only be responsible for the decisions we make based on our own belief systems and ethics. We can influence others but in the end everything does boil down to personal choice. The thing is, we have to learn to take responsibility for those choices. Most people don't. They accept that they have the right to make the choice…they don't understand that they are responsibile for the impact resulting from that choice. And that's the argument to make. If this is your personal choice are you accepting the responsibility for the life your personal choice has taken? Do you understand the impact your choice has on the environment? But just saying it's not a personal choice because it impacts others…that can backfire. "If it isn't my personal choice to eat meat then whose choice is it? Society's? Well then i guess i am still good because society says that eating meat is still acceptable. And hey since it is society's choice that means i am not responsible for the suffering." It's personal choices and an acceptance of responsibility that changes how society thinks.

  3. i do consider veganism a privilege but indeed, a POSITIVE privilege, i feel privileged that i am able to be a vegan, that i'm able to do the right thing and to help out in this world – i consider having enough food to eat and a roof over my head a privilege, so therefore i also think that being a vegan is a privilege because it means i am not in the bad position of not having food (choices) etc.

  4. Wow. Honestly this is eye-opening even as someone who is on the way to becoming a vegan (I'm mostly vegetarian at the moment because I still can't stop to buy things like cheap chocolate products which always have milk in them). You are very well spoken and direct. I wouldn't have thought of the right argument to the last discussion point myself about the difference between actually choosing something which only affects me and making a choice which affects other beings. Because if my choice affects others in a really bad way than it's immoral to make that choice. In my opinion, theoretically I'm still free to make that choice but I have to live with the consequences and I have to accept that it is wrong for example to kill another being and I would need to change my behaviour and learn from my mistakes.
    It is humane to make mistakes but we need to reflect and learn from them in order to make sure that the harm, which our choices caused, is not done again.

  5. OMG !!! At the beginning I didn't want to watch this video because though, I just like you don't think anyone is evil or anything, I am so tired as a vegan to have to continually explain this to other people. I've stopped debating with people because I feel like they don't want to get out of their comfort zone and ask themselves the right questions because it would mean that they have to change things that they don't want to change in their lives. But I actually talk to people who are really interested in the subject and who show real questioning about that. But I have to say you explained everything perfectly, you exposed the truth calmly without accusing anybody of anything. I haven't finished the video yet but I definitely like it.
    Oh, and by the way, I never comment any of your videos but I watch them all and I love what you do, your content is amazing and you seem to have a great personality. <3

  6. The issue is reconciling our idea that killing other humans is wrong with the idea that in nature animals kill each other all the time and not always out of necessity either. This is most definitely a philosophical issue that people will find themselves on one or the other side of the fence on depending on their views concerning anthropocentrism. You already know mine. But I also wanted to say that it took me a very long time to source my food from true grass fed farms and it is incredibly expensive, same with sustainably sourced wild caught fish. I am really lucky I have the budget to do it. Dont take this as me saying your views are invalid, I really do see your point, but I think we come from a fundamentally different philosophical base and that's okay. I still love your videos, still gonna be subscribed.

  7. Rose you live in Alberta. I'm not sure what the factory farming statistics are in Canada, but have you not seen the fields and fields of cattle that just roam about? I drive around the prairies all the time and those are the cows I see. However, from slaughterhouse to grocery store, I do not know how that process works. I don't know if the cattle are killed painlessly in 1 shot. I'm not convinced that factory farming is 98% (or whatever the statistic was), unless I'm the seeing the exceptional 2%… and it's been this way my entire life. Every time I drive out to the prairie countryside, I always see cattle in fields.

  8. I would like to add an important detail to the sweatshop argument: people choose the best job that is available for them. Most fair trade businesses come from first world countries so choosing that will NOT help the people in developing countries.

  9. hi there! vegan/vegetarian person here. I think you present some very good arguments. They only thing is that I think killing and eating animals, etc, ARE personal choices, they are just ethically bad ones and other people have the right to challenge such 🙂

  10. Very child video…how about people in 3rd world countrys?are they to live by your ethics?😂😂😂..you can be vegan and eat meat in right circumstances..

  11. I respect your choice to smoke cigarettes. If you want to kill YOURSELF than that's your business. Have at it. I DO NOT respect your choice to smoke with a child in the car. That's the difference, you are doing harm to someone else. From a purely health perspective I respect an adults choice to eat meat, kill yourself if you want. I could care less. But its about the harm they are doing to others, you know that pig that has lived in a four foot cage his entire life, terrified, until they torture him to death so you can have your ham. Sorry cant "respect that", to say nothing of the damage you are doing to the planet.

  12. Actually, I did live in the wild in a tipi for a few years to test myself. I ate edible wild plants that grew around me. I didn't go to a store for that whole time. I went into the woods healthy and came out healthy. The only reason I came out was because my Grandmother got sick. I wish I could go back.

  13. My only argument would be, regardless of whether or not you agree with someone eating meat if you expect to have your choices respected you have to respect the choices of others. I understand that there are lives lost for that choice, having said that, I also understand that eat and be eaten is a natural law and humans are not obligate herbivores. You won't get them, by and large, to act as such. The meat industry is a nasty creature to be sure and that can be worked on but at the end of the day, respect begets respect. I don't always love it, but I do have to live with it.

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